Become a more organised mum

Become A More Organized Mommy (The Easy Way)

Simple habits of an organized mom.

We’re moms, we obviously already have superpowers. But controlling all of that power into a neat organized way can sometimes create its own challenges. 

We’re covering some of the easier changes to make things run a little bit smoother, and have other mothers asking “How do you have it all together?” <see what we did there?


Arguably the most difficult to “want” to do, but a necessary task. We say “A load a day keeps the baskets away..” Okay so that was almost a lame dad joke, but here’s what we mean: Only do laundry when you are getting up to do other things anyway. Fit it into your schedule.

For Example: First thing in the morning, while you’re waiting for your morning coffee, start a quick load of towels. When you are finished making breakfast for the kids, toss the towels in the dryer. And while you’re waiting on lunch to cook, fold the towels. (Have the kids help you put them away)

 The Schedule

I know we just told you to do your laundry during your sacred coffee time, and it’s no secret we as mothers need our down time. Depending on if you work outside the home or if your kids are in school, you will have to decide for yourself what works.

We suggest having a scheduled 1 hour to yourself at least 2-3 times a week. Use that 1 hour to catch up on a show while dad takes the kids outside, or use the 1 hour to get your nails done while a relative watches them. Whatever the case, set a reminder in your calendar, make plans accordingly, and stick to it. 

They Use Apps

There’s an app for just about everything. That’s because they are in fact helpful! Everything from meal planning, shared calendars, tracking finances, workouts, babysitters, and more! We’ve jotted down some of our favorites Here. 

No Is The Answer

You have to know when to say NO. Saying yes to every play date, fundraiser, invite can really disrupt a decent schedule and make you feel like you’re not enough. Take on only the things that bring you joy and schedule them far enough apart that you are able to give your full self to the events you decide to go to. 

Clockwork Meals

Having meals at the same time every day not only helps children learn a routine but also helps to keep us mothers sane by having things preplanned and can execute accordingly.

A baseball mom I know has games to attend every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. On those days, she starts a crockpot meal just before the kids get out of school and it’s ready by the time they walk in the door at 8pm. 

Never Leave A Room Empty Handed

This has been the pentacle of keeping a clean home. Say you need to go grab your charger out of the bedroom but you’re in the kitchen. Take a moment to glance over the counters and see if anything needs to go with you. I do this any time I’m going from room to room.

I’ve been able to get the kids on board too with gentle reminders like “Okay, time to go get your PJs on, Anything in this room that needs to go with you?” Chances are they have at least 3-4 toys, a jacket or some shoes that need to go with them. 

They Use Charts

Our tiny little humans need routines and guidance. Charts provide both while you get to be a little more hands-free each day. Here is a great example of a chart. While they are checking off their charts, you can use that time to get yourself ready. We always set our leave time alarm for 30 minutes before we actually have to be out of the door. 

The Catch All Basket

Things get crazy, summer cookouts with friends, or family visits, things get tossed around and messes are made(and that’s okay, enjoy the time with your friends and family!) After they have gone, grab a laundry basket and go room by room, placing anything that doesn’t belong into the basket, and as you get to the other rooms, taking things out of the basket and putting them in the right place. 

Dance It Out

There may be a bit of a Greys anatomy reference there. But on the days where There. Is. Just. Too. Much. Put on your favorite tunes, and dance while dusting, or mopping. It make take a while and will get done eventually but at least you’ll have fun doing it. 

Hire Help

Kids get sick, mom gets sick, unexpected trips need to be taken, dad was left in charge, and so many other reasons, it can accumulate and become all too much all too fast. But do not be afraid to reach out to a maid service to help get things back on track. 

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  1. Never go out of the room empty handed. Am taking a mental note of this. Would spare me a lot of unnecessary trips to and from the room that are actually exhausting

  2. Love the catch all basket. I get stuck cleaning one room and realise the next is a mess and then the next and back to square one!! This definitely helps :_

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