mothers day

Mother’s Day

Mothers Day isn’t canceled.

Far from it. In fact, it is kinda a big deal around here. I mean, it’s the day that has been dedicated to appreciating all the beautiful mothers we know. Being a mother is both hard af and incredibly rewarding. Even now, more than ever, we must appreciate our mothers. 

To the mama who just finished an 18 hour shift at the hospital and can not go home to your children. We see you. 

To the mother who can not see their child cross the stage to get their 2020 class diploma. We see you

To the mother that is a business owner who is unsure if she will be able to provide for her children anymore. We see you. 

To the mother who just gave birth in an empty hospital room or the grandmother who missed the birth of their grandchild. We see you

To the moms who recently lost their own mothers to a virus. We see you. 

Being a mother is the world’s toughest job. There is no vacation, no sick leave, and no pay. It is both physically and emotionally exhausting and even painful at times. But we show up. Everyday. And for that, you deserve the appreciation. 

But I guess we’ll be doing things a little differently this year. Although the initial scare of the worldwide pandemic is tapering off, there are still per cautions in place for the safety of you and those around you. 

There are of course those that hold no regard for the current rules of engagement, to which we will not be addressing, but simply ask, please take into consideration that Mother’s WILL be taking precaution, for their little ones and the safety of their elderly relatives. 6 feet please… 

As difficult as it will be this year, we have a few suggestions that may help ease the pain of missing your loved ones. 

If the mother you are reading this for is in the home, consider giving her the day off from family chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and fetching the many needs of their children. 


Technology is a beautiful thing when it comes to distance. Call or video chat with your loved ones.        

  • Perhaps the kids can put on a virtual Mother’s Day talent show. Or have the kids recite their best jokes.        
  • Did you know Netflix has a way to watch together online. There is even a group chat function for commenting live during the movie.        
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum together. You could visit the Louvre in Paris! Or the Vatican in Rome? Or the metropolitan museum of art in NYC!        
  • If mom is more of a garden person, you could visit Monets garden in France. Or a virtual tulip tour at the famous Holland Farm Keukenhof. Or in the US, you could check out the Nature Conservancy in Oklahoma or a virtual trip to Hawaii to see the tropical flowers. 

If Mom Lives Nearby

If you must exchange cards, flowers, kids crafts etc. make sure you take the proper steps to not only disinfect as best you can, but also that everyone has their face masks and gloves. Maybe even decorate her front door with a flower wreath and gifts as a surprise when she opens it. 

Ordering Food

You would think that the busiest day for restaurants is Christmas or Valentine’s Day. But it is, in fact, Mother’s Day. Order a meal from the same restaurant and have it delivered to two different addresses, one to your home and one to the mother/grandmother’s home. Then you can all video chat while enjoying a meal as if you were sitting down at a restaurant. 

Great Grandma

America itself has nearly 1.3 million residents in a nursing home and 70% of them are women. Mostly because women live 4-5 years longer than men. Nursing homes, prisons, and meat packing plants have been hotspots for the virus to spread. I know you have been inundated with facts about the virus already, so rather than telling you all the terrible reasons you absolutely should not visit the elderly, I will leave you with this thought:

Would you rather have a quick hug and a hello today? Or would you rather be able to have numerous conversations or video chats without fear of potential exposure? 

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